Knee Pain

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Pure Physio Albany provides effective knee pain treatment and relief for patients located in the Albany, Rosedale and Greenhithe area.

Physiotherapy and Knee Pain

Knee pain, whether localised or spread across the knee, is no fun. Thanks to their position and role at the lower end of our body, supporting most of our weight, the knees take on a fair amount of force. The body is well-designed and the knees are built for this task, but there are a number of factors – from poor posture to misuse to excess weight – which can put strain on the knees, leading to injury and pain.

Knee pain generally comes in two forms, the first being structural knee pain which includes sprained ligaments and tendons or a torn meniscus. The second and most common type is biomechanical. The trouble with knee pain is that it can restrict your movement, making day to day life very difficult. In order to remedy your knee pain, Pure Physio Albany must first establish which category the pain fits into and what the underlying cause is.

Knee Pain Treatment with Physiotherapy

The good news is that the prognosis is good when it comes to knee pain and physio is a particularly useful way to treat it. Our Albany knee pain specialists don’t look solely at the knee, attempting a fast but short-term fix like cortisone shots. Instead, our physiotherapists look at the knee in relation to the entire body, looking at posture, surrounding muscles and nearby tissues like the foot or lower back. Pure Physio Albany come up with a tailored approach to provide relief as well as long term improvements and prevention.

Knee pain physio treatment can include a biomechanical assessment, muscular massage, joint mobilisation and acupuncture. Once you are healed enough, we will also teach you exercises and stretches to improve the performance of your knees. We want to assess your knee injury, relieve your symptoms and finally correct any imbalances so that your knees can get back to the important task of carrying the weight of your body with ease.

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